Multi-Env Nautobot deployment to ECS Fargate with CDK (Typescript)

Recently at work, I’ve been challenged with understanding numerous packages that deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Typescript using the Cloud Development Kit (CDK). Recognizing this, I decided it was time to delve into CDK and concurrently learn Typescript. Being an a fan of Terraform, I presumed the transition would not be too daunting, and indeed, it wasn’t. In this post, I will outline how I deployed Nautobot to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Container Service (ECS) Fargate using CDK.

Nornir Netconf 2.0.0 Release

Introducing Nornir Netconf Plugin v2.0.0 Improved Maintainability, Enhanced Integration Tests, Data Classes, and CI/CD Integrations I am excited to announce the release of Nornir NETCONF Plugin version 2.0.0, a significant update bringing enhanced features and improvements to leverage NETCONF for network automation with the Nornir framework for network devices. This release focuses on improving code quality with the use of a Rust-based linter called ‘ruff, enhancing data management by implementing Data Classes, increasing maintainability with standardized integration tests, and exploring advanced CI/CD possibilities.

Nautobot Jobs - Cookiecutter & Cookiecutter Testing

Nautobot Jobs Cookiecutter Hello! I recently had to create a new job for Nautobot, but I didn’t have a development environment readily available. Typically, one could just write the script on a server that has Nautobot running, reload the server and test execution. But, this doesn’t work too well if it’s a server that you don’t have the correct level of access to, thus preventing a proper development environment like a remote vscode session.

Ansible EDA - AWS App Runner

Ansible Event Driven Automation with AWS App Runner Welcome everyone! I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around Ansible EDA since this year’s AnsibleFest. It’s peaked my interest, as it’s a very different solution that’s being provided by Ansible to what we’re all familiar with. Additionally, the last few weeks I have been wanting to use AWS App Runner. It’s a relatively new feature from the AWS team which abstracts the complexity of deploying containers with Fargate and ECS.

Migrating from Wordpress to Hugo using Terraform & AWS Amplify

Introduction Welcome to my new blog! I recently took the time to migrate away from WordPress and chose Hugo as the new static site generator. My first blog post will cover how to accomplish this migration with an IaC approach using Terraform and serving blog content in a CI/CD flow with Github/AWS Amplify. I won’t go into much detail on configuring Hugo, but you should familiarize yourself with their documentation and how to structure a project.